At Northwest, we promote spiritual growth. You should not be the same Christian you were last year! Here is a list of spiritual literature that has blessed the members at Northwest through their spiritual journeys. We are sure these readings will be a blessing to you as well.

Walking with God Week by Week, Day by Day

July 19, 2017

In this daily devotional, written by Northwests' own Dr. Andrea M. Moore, you will find a footprint for the Christian to follow. It is uniquely designed to provide the growing Christian with a snapshot of weekly and daily encouragement and challenges to shape our walk like that of Christ. It is designed to assist the Christian on this journey to become more like Jesus and an active Christian in the kingdom of God.

A God Centered Church by Henry T. and Melvin D. Blackaby

March 07, 2017

Have you given up on the idea that church can be a place where hearts are united, prayers are answered, and people are readily open to whatever God wants? If so, this book, written by Henry T. & Melvin D. Blackaby, can change your perspective and introduce church the way you always knew it could be. You'll go inside the churches where Blackaby and his son, Mel, have watched the miraculous take place---impossible situations where God turned simple faith and submitted wills into stories only He could write. 

You Are God's Love Bank

March 01, 2016

This piece of literature, written by Dr. Tony E. Roach, Sr., is about daily investing in the bank of your soul. It uses fifteen core values of Jesus as bank accounts in your soul. It helps you to make love deposits in your soul as you grow through five stages of spiritual growth toward New Self-Purpose.  New Self-Purpose, then becomes the center of everything you do, answering vital questions such as Who am I? What am I? Why am I? Most importantly, What is God's purpose for my life?

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