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To become a Christian is the greatest decision you will ever make. To give your life to Christ, you must Believe the gospel (I Corinthians 15:1-3), Repent of sins (Luke 13:3), Confess Christ (Matthew 10:32), and be Baptize for the remission of sins (Mark 16:16). If you are ready to surrender your life to Jesus, please call us at 662-548-5556.

The Northwest Church of Christ would like to see each member grow spiritually in the Lord. When you are a member here, you are not just a number, but you will be a part of a family. Therefore, we want to share with you the culture and DNA of our church. Here is how you get a fresh start.

Steps to Becoming A Member

  1. We must Hear the Word of God... Acts 2:22

  2. We must Believe... Acts 8:37

  3. We must Repent of Sins... Acts 2:38

  4. We must Confess our sins... Acts 8:37

  5. We must Be Baptized... Acts 2:38



5 Levels of Commitment:


1. The Community

The community is made up of everyone that you have the potential to reach on a given Sunday.They live near your church, and they are aware of the church’s existence. They may visit occasionally, but they are the unchurched. They have not decided to follow Jesus yet.


2. The Crowd

The crowd consists of all the people who attend the church on a regular basis. They are present a week or two per month or more. They consider themselves to be a part of the church even if they have not joined it; however, they are not involved beyond attending on Sundays.


3. The Congregation

The congregation includes everyone who attends and who has become a member of the church.These are people who attend regularly, give regularly, and support the vision and values of the church. (Will volunteer out of duty vs delight).


4. The Committed

When members are growing in their relationship with Jesus and establishing the habits and

disciplines of a disciple, they are part of the committed. These believers are not only members

who attend, they walk with God and are growing up spiritually. They give financially to the work of God, but are more interested in personal growth such as prayer calls, bible studies, small study groups etc.


5. The Core

The core is among the committed who get involves and serve others through ministries of

the church. The core is one who gives their time, their talents, and their treasures. (serve out of delight vs duty).

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Learn who we are and the makeup of our church


Learn about how to pursue your personal growth in Christ.


Learn how to get involve in ministry.

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