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G.E.M.S. Women’s Ministry

The G.E.M.S. Ministry's mission is to strengthen our spiritual relationship with God and one another through the study and application of God’s word to impact and empower our daily Christian walk.

Our vision is to create a deeper connection through interaction, fellowship, and meditation on God’s word while striving to make heaven our home. This mission and vision will be made possible by the following acts:

·         Ladies’ Retreats

·         Ladies’ Bible Studies

·         Sister Empowerment Weekend (Ladies’ Day Program)

·         Sister Outings

·         Sister Prayer Breakfasts

·         Prayer Conference Call

·         Sisterhood Week


King’s Ministry

Kings Ministry's mission is to develop boys, young men, and men of today to become godly leaders for tomorrow by helping to build their self-esteem, creating confidence and self-respect within through fellowship and the studying and practice of God’s word. We believe in raising up males to be models for the next generation who will exemplify leadership by serving God, family and the community. This mission will be made possible by the following acts:

  • Kings Bible Studies

  • Kings’ Outings

  • Kings’ Prayer Breakfasts

  • Prayer Conference Call


Media Ministry

The Media Ministry's mission is to encourage spiritual growth within and outside the body of Christ through the support of any communication from Northwest Church of Christ requiring audio, video, graphics and any other form of media in a manner which is pleasing to God and that will offer a better reception and understanding by those who encounter our efforts to spread the Gospel.

This mission will be made possible by the following acts:

  • Recorded sermons on CDs

  • Visual Worship Support (True Worship) 

  • Photos and recordings of all events/programs  

  • Website Upkeep

  • Social Media campaigns

  • Radio Segment


Kingdom Marriage Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to improve and maintain communication between partners in marriage. To learn that a marriage based on a foundation of biblical principles, is not only workable, but offers the most fulfilling relationship humanly possible. It is meant to encourage and challenge couples, in their spiritual journey, by getting them into Gods word, and build their marriage God's way.


S.H.I.F.T. Young Adult Ministry

 Provide opportunities for young adults to fellowship together and build community within Northwest Church of Christ and within the Mid- South Area. Promote spiritual growth through study and application of the message of the Jesus Christ and provide a space to discuss and navigate topics of important to young adults ranging from financial planning to family planning.


3D Youth Ministry

The mission of the Northwest 3-D Youth crew is to empower our youth with sound doctrine, morals/values, and spiritual discipline. We promote Christian fun, fellowship, and networking among the youth at Northwest and youths at surrounding congregations.

Our vision is to have our youth equipped with God's Word so they can be rooted, grounded and stable in order to withstand the pressures of the world. 

This mission and vision will be made possible by the following acts:

  • Youth prayer breakfast

  • Rites of Passage Ceremony/Challenge

  • Lock-ins

  • Sweetheart Banquet

  • Splash Day/Field Day

  • Participation in Youth Day Programs

  • Community Service

  • Participation in Statewide/National Youth Conference

  • Bible Studies 


Fellowship Ministry

Fellowship Ministry Vision:

To assist the church ministries and church leadership for special events by catering to the whole man including the basic physical need and spiritual substance.



This ministry is designed to promote a spirit of togetherness among the saints and to strengthen family ties within the church and the families that make up the church.


One in the Spirit Ministry (Chorus group)

One in the Spirit's mission is to exalt God by utilizing our musical spiritual gifts to sing his praises, tell of his goodness, and love through songs.

We sing songs that are pleasing and accepting to God while encouraging and edifying the saints and pricking the hearts of unbelievers.


Intercessor's Ministry

Mission: The mission of Northwest COC Intercessors Prayer Ministry is to diligently and faithfully intercede on behalf of individuals, communities, and the world, bridging the gap between God and humanity through prayer. We are committed to lifting up the needs, burdens, and aspirations of others, seeking God's guidance, intervention, and blessings for their lives and the Kingdom.

Vision: Our vision is to establish a vibrant and powerful Intercessors Ministry that impacts lives, transforms communities, and brings about positive change in the world through the power of prayer. We envision a ministry where individuals are equipped, encouraged, and empowered to engage in fervent and strategic prayer, creating an atmosphere of spiritual breakthrough, healing, and restoration while sustaining a community of growth.

We aim to create a culture of prayer where intercessors are deeply connected to God, guided by His Spirit, and intercede with faith, love, and compassion. We envision a ministry that embraces diversity, bringing together people from different backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life, uniting them in the common purpose of seeking God's will and interceding for His kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven.

Our vision is to see lives transformed, brokenness healed, relationships restored, and individuals walking in their God-given purpose and destiny. We desire to be a ministry that partners with churches, organizations, and individuals, collaborating in prayer to address societal issues, seek justice, and bring about lasting spiritual and social transformation.

Ultimately, we strive to fulfill the Great Commission, making disciples of all nations by first engaging in spiritual warfare through prayer. We believe that through our intercessory ministry, we can impact the spiritual realm, break down strongholds, and see God's kingdom established in the lives of people and in every corner of the world.



Dream Team

D-Drawing people in relevant ways

R- Reaching people with the Gospel of Christ

E- Empowering people with the Gospel of Christ

A- Access and Utilize people’s spiritual gifts

M- Mobilize ministry to serve others


Purpose- This ministry serves as a think tank for the Man of God (the minister). This team will analyze, aid, and provide insight as the Man of God cast vision. This team will come together to develop detailed strategies to implement plans of action and overcome obstacles that will interfere with the mission, vision, and purpose of the church. The minister's expectation is for this team to bring the vision he cast into fruition through collaborative planning and execution. This  team consists of the following team members: executive administrator, organizational leaders, media/marketing/communication directors, research consultants, and advisors. 


Education Ministry

The Education Ministry is designed to educate, empower and equip the saints with the Word of God by providing a strong and "hands on" curriculum that will address growth in knowledge and faith while constantly promoting study, application, and prayer. 

Our mission is to develop a community of Christian Fellowship that nurtures, strengthens, and supports experiences that encourage a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ through classroom settings, small groups, and yearlong events and programs tailored for both adults and youth of the church.

Our vision is to make disciples through teaching and impacting Christian virtues to members both inside and outside the classroom. The ministry will help Christians to grow and mature into committed and fruitful disciples who will repeat the disciple making process. This mission and vision will be made possible by the following acts:

  • Develop classes to address the needs of the congregation (Couples Classes, Sunday School, New Convert class, Children’s classes etc.)

  • Topical Bible Studies

  • Recommend helpful study materials to the saints.

  • VBS

  • Sunday School

  • Assist with bible studies (individual and collectively)

  • Facilitate In-House workshops to better equip the saints to handle effective bible studies, etc.

  • Developing teachers for upcoming Sunday School, etc.


Hospitality Ministry

The hospitality ministry serves to reflect the love of Christ through expressions of gratitude,

excitement, and enthusiasm to:

1. Create an inviting environment during our services and special events that is:

  • Welcoming

  • Hospitable

  • Friendly

  • Organized

  • Disciplined

2. Create a sense of belonging by making sure every visitor, member and guest feels special and

welcome in our church home.

3. Decrease the amount of stress, anxiety, fear and confusion for our visitors and guests through

resources such as:

  • Greeters/Ushers/Security Attendants

  • Welcome/Visitor packages

  • Visitor Cards


4. Encourage a smooth transition from being a visitor to becoming a member.


Decoration Ministry

The Decorations Ministry is responsible for addressing and maintaining an excellent physical appearance of our worship facility so that members and visitors always see a reflection of the standard of excellence of God.


Transportation Ministry

The Transportation Ministry is a valuable outreach of our congregation, designed to reach and cater to the entire family. The drivers and leaders of the Transportation Ministry strive to focus on providing a warm, friendly and clean environment on the van or bus. 


Vision Statement:

To continue extending both our services and ourselves to the congregation and the community. As our Transportation Ministry grows, it is our desire to provide accommodations for members to accompany the Pastor and the church to outside fellowships and various engagements.


Northwest Acapella Youth Choir

The Northwest Acapella Youth Choir mission is committed to training and fostering the personal growth of children through songs


Fresh Start Ministry

The Fresh Start Ministry’s fundamental focus is to lay a foundation of understanding and teaching for the new member pertaining to Pastor Beard’s vision, our beliefs, basic Christian doctrines, ministries, and services. The predominant principle of this ministry is to support the spiritual training and growth of new members.

The mission of the Fresh Start Ministry is to first and foremost support the mission, vision, and purpose of the Northwest Church of Christ. The Fresh Start Ministry will also serve as a means to introduce new members to church leadership, provide information on various ministries and programs, identify the ways and means to access important church information, and to promote and encourage participation in church ministries.

The vision of the Fresh Start Ministry is to equip all new members for service in and edification of the Lord’s church.

This mission and vision will be made possible by the following sessions:

Session 101: New Community-The Makeup and DNA of NWCOC (for Levels 1-5)

Session 201: New Self-Growth- Ministries Catering to My Self-Growth (for Levels 4s & 5s ONLY)


Session 301: New Opportunities– Serving Others in Ministry (for Level 5s ONLY) 


Final Session- Pastoral Orientation Dinner (with Pastor and Dr. Beard, for ALL Levels 1-5)


F.A.I.T.H. Health Ministry (Fighting Ailments & Illnesses Through Hope)

Mission: to promote and provide awareness, education and resources for the physical, mental and spiritual wellness of the congregation and community following the examples of Christ and guided by the Holy Scriptures. 

Vision: the Northwest COC F.A.I.T.H. Health Ministry will be recognized for excellence in enhancing the quality of life across the lifespan, building stronger communities as it pertains to healthy living and providing an unparalleled experience as the most trusted partner for healthcare awareness and needs. 

Purpose: to get people to fall in love with Jesus. 

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